Thursday, October 21, 2004

the new opec: headquarters in moscow

the energy hole we're digging just keeps getting deeper. dig up, dig up !

in the washington post this week, artem agoulnik serves notice that america's dysfunctional and unsustainable relationship to energy goes beyond oil:

In Russia's hands, natural gas has become a geopolitical weapon. . . Russia has even begun to organize the world's natural gas exporters under its aegis. Analysts are predicting that the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, founded in 2001, may serve as a precursor to a natural gas OPEC with Russia at the helm. In the wake of the forum's June meeting in Cairo, the deputy chief executive of Gazprom, Alexander Ryazanov, made clear that the natural gas policies of member states should be "coordinated" so as to sell gas at the "highest price possible."

US foreign policy is already hobbled by our dependence on archaic, oppressive monarchies in the middle east; now we can look forward to building the same lasting, destructive, and disastrous bond with friend and aspiring autocrat vladmir putin.

i just call him vladmir.

- LH


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