Friday, October 08, 2004

Sludge Majority Leader

Tom Delay is going for a record! Two, count em', two rebukes by the House Ethics committee in ONE week. Wow, if he can stay focused, keep his eye on the ball, maybe, just maybe he can go for the trifecta. He'll have to act fast if he's going to get his third one in a week, since it's Friday and the week is closing fast.

Delay is toxic sludge. All you need to know about the Republican Party today is by understanding Tom Delay. A party that can elect this weasel majority leader is ideologically depraved. If we're lucky, this troll will be indicted in Texas before the election.

Leave it to Delay to get in a lick against the Democrats. Here's what he has to say about the Democrats call for his resignation:

DeLay, a 10-term House veteran, said he remains focused on fighting terrorism and preventing another 9/11. "By the Democrats' actions today, it is clear they are focused on something else entirely: a smear campaign," he said.
There's a punchline, Delay focusing on terrorism. The toxic avenger also had to get in one lick implying that Dems are leaving us vulnerable to another 911 by attacking him.

Delay has one focus in life and that's the complete and utter deification of the dollar.



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