Thursday, October 07, 2004

The top is slowing

Well, as the post-VP debate spin slowly loses steam, i have to say, the debate was a draw. The reviews are all over the map. Some said Edwards knocked the living crap out Cheney. Others said Cheney did his grandpa gravitas routine and won. LH said Edwards won big. When it's all said and done, it looks like a draw, and at this point, you can consider that a Kerry win. Cheney needed to come out and just obliterate Edwards to stop the bleeding and he failed.

Also consider not as many people watched this debate. Interest in it, and the post-debate spin, will wane quickly as the next big event starts tomorrow. A week from now, barely anyone is going to say a word about the VP debate and if it had any impact at all on the race. Also, the final report from the weapons inspectors is consuming a lot of the media oxygen, and that's likely to get play all the way through the next Prez debate. Good work Edwards, holding your own, for that, you get this week's "warrior of the wasteland" award.



At October 7, 2004 at 4:32 PM, Blogger Pappagallo said...

Kerry definitely beat Bush in the first one, no question about it, but I think Cheney nudged past Edwards in the last one with his composure and strong grasp of the facts. Of course, Cheney used some lies and hard-core opinion which he treated like facts, but I feel he came out on top. He's like Kevin Sullivan versus Dusty Rhodes, circa early 1980's NWA wrestling. Everyone can see that Dusty's the better wrestler, but Sullivan "accidentally" knocks the referee out of the ring for the 3,000th time in the history of his career, pulls out the iron spike, and stabs Dusty in the heart when he's trying to help up the dazed referee, who only catches his senses in time to give a three-count on the nearly dead American Dream. And to be more specific, the Earth is the American Dream and we're part of that moronic referee who was knocked delirious. In retrospect, I can't believe we used to see something so graphic on Saturday afternoon television.

Question: Is the Sullivan analogy tight, or would it be better to use one of the Assasins? Let me hear you.

At October 7, 2004 at 5:21 PM, Blogger Master-Blaster and Lord Humungus said...

Great, great comparison. The similarities are just striking. Still, am I the only one bothered by Pappagallo comparing Dusty with Edwards? Dusty isn't called 'the American dream' for nothing. Sure, their debating skills are comparable (see Dusty's match with the Iron Sheik where he convincingly explains how he's going to 'ass-whup your raghead ass...' for proof.), but oh man, Edwards WISHES he had Dusty's looks and charm.



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