Monday, October 18, 2004

Uncle Sam wants YOU

I'm actually a bit surprised that Kerry is using the draft as a campaign issue, but I like it. Based on a conversation I had with another lefty, she didn't like it, and thought it was a petty way to get votes. I agree, it's petty, but that's how America works. Americans aren't interested in the nuanced, complex approach to policy issues, they WANT to be manipulated into voting one way or another. Kerry recognizes this defining characteristic of the American voter.

I think this worries the Bushies, that's why he's saying, in a bizarre twist of the situation, that he's the best candidate to avoid a draft. Of course there's NO logic to his position, but it's his way of addressing the issue. To me, this is a no brainer for Bush. He could completely deflate this issue by nullifying any chance we might need a draft by encouraging his younger supporters to enlist. There are literally tens of thousands of College Republicans in the nation's universities and most have publicly come out to support Bush's Iraq war. I wonder, if Bush were to hold a press conference, asking his core young supporters in the College Republicans, to take up this "calling of our generation...", how many would actually enlist? So far, we're not seeing it, but what if Bush specifically asked for them to enlist, would they? Let me take a wild guess what most might say, in the words of our courageous Vice-Prez Cheney, referring to his multiple draft deferments for the Vietnam War, "
I had other priorities ... than military service."

Be all you can be indeed!



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