Thursday, October 07, 2004

understanding sudan

now that the 'foreign policy' presidential debate is past, and the campaign has taken on a tone of desperation, don't expect to hear either candidate talking about new future responsibilities of the USA overseas - not in any responsible or meaningful way. iraq past/present/future will dominate the stage, for better or worse. i know it won't be part of the rhetoric, but i wonder if either candidate is serious about a meaningful role in darfur:

Meanwhile, Sudan wouldn't be so successful, critics say, except that the US and world haven't been paying close enough attention to discern its wily tactics. The amount of diplomatic energy from the US - while substantial - hasn't been sufficient, they say. "The diplomatic community is only working part time on this, while Sudan's government is working overtime," says John Prendergast of the International Crisis Group in Washington.

- LH


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