Monday, October 18, 2004


This article in Nytimes Magazine by Ron Suskind has been getting a lot of mileage in the blog world, but it's soooo good, that LT will link to it too.

There's a lot of insightful, and disturbing, information in the article, but what stands out for me is the focus on Bush's Christian faith. The article quotes several "real" Americans who are convinced that Bush is on a mission from God, and their faith in Bush is a direct correlation with their faith in God.

These people have reinforced my belief that there is, for a large majority of religious Americans, a complete disconnect with modern spirituality and one's ability to truly understand a complex world. It's a shame to see what has happened, since if you look historically at some of the great social movements, Christianity was a motivating force, eg, the labor movement, and even more so, the Civil Rights movement. Now that the Religious right has hijacked the public face of Christianity, it seems the most pressing issues are volatile social ones, or worse, in the eyes of the Christian Coalition, the oppressive nature of our tax system.

One of the few positives that might come out of a Bush victory in November is that it will expose the Religious Right for the vacuous, amoral, hypocritical movement that it is. My hope is that another 4 years of Bush, and the empowerment of the Religious right, will inevitably obliterate the relationship between Christianity and the Right. Many would argue that a Bush victory will only empower, and solidify their power. I disagree. America is too secular, and at some point, the American public will buckle under the overbearing yoke of a pseudo-religious political movement. That's why gay marriage and abortion have become such hot issues, it's really the last gasp of the Religious right to have any long term influence on these issues. The march toward secularism is inevitable, for better or for worse, and many in the right wing Christian movement understand this. That's why it's getting so nasty.



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