Monday, October 11, 2004

The Washington Post has a great, insightful article about temporary workers in America. This is one of those issues that is absolutely huge, but rarely gets the attention it deserves. There's a profound shift occurring in the American middle class, and to understand why it's happening, you need to look no further than the rise of the temp worker. Temping can be helpful for people looking for short-term work, with relatively decent wages, but it's a disaster when corporations use it as the modus operandi for how they employ people. Most temp workers don't get health insurance; receive lower wages than full-time employees, while doing the exact same work; and most importantly, the uncertainty of keeping a job long-term.

This is an issue that should really resonate with some blue collar, and especially, some professional middle class voters, but it's almost impossible to explain over the din of issues like gay rights and abortion. If Americans really understood what was happening with issues like this, the GOP would be toast, since they have no answers, or more realistically, they simply don't care.



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