Sunday, October 03, 2004

Welcome back, Mr. Friedman

Thomas Friedman has finally returned from his book writing sabbatical and none too soon. Let' s cut right to the chase and see what Mr. Friedman has to say about Iraq:

Sorry, I've been away writing a book. I'm back, so let's get right down to business: We're in trouble in Iraq.

I don't know what is salvageable there anymore. I hope it is something decent and I am certain we have to try our best to bring about elections and rebuild the Iraqi Army to give every chance for decency to emerge there. But here is the cold, hard truth: This war has been hugely mismanaged by this administration, in the face of clear advice to the contrary at every stage, and as a result the range of decent outcomes in Iraq has been narrowed and the tools we have to bring even those about are more limited than ever.
In an earlier blog, I predicted Mr. Friedman would try one last time to convince us that the "war of ideas" might still work in Iraq. Well, I was wrong. Facts finally overcame Friedman's fantastical visions for Iraq. Although Friedman tries to imply that there are options still on the table, it's pretty clear that he sees Iraq as a lost cause and whoever wins in November will need to create a plan to contain an imploding Iraq, as oppose to encourage a "free and democratic" Iraq. Mr. Friedman, thanks for taking Liberal Thunderdome's advice.


ps - Later in his column, Friedman recommends a 50cent tax on gas to wean us off foreign sources. I'm sure my compatriot, the Humungous, would agree with me when we say, "Mr. Friedman, leave the gas..."


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