Thursday, October 21, 2004

Why is the media ignoring this?

Newsweak, which is better known for informative pieces on Nicole Kidman's love life, finally came through with this important piece on the escalating price of oil and its impact on middle east politics. The article looks at the rising price of oil and the flood of money flowing into the hands of the most despotic leaders in the region. The following passage leaves you kind of breathless, in that it quotes James Woolsey, former CIA chief, and one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Iraq invasion:

"The petrodollars we provide such nations contribute materially to the terrorist threats we face," said former CIA chief James Woolsey and other prominent neoconservatives in an open letter last month. The United States faces a "perfect storm" strategically and economically, they said, if it doesn't reduce its dependency on foreign oil. And there's every indication they're right. But these same pundits, passionate advocates of the Iraq invasion, now mildly insist on the need to use more hybrid cars and other technologies to reduce consumption.

Unbelievable. These neocons are now finally understanding the energy situation: as a key national security issue. Conveniently, they refuse to see the impact of the invasion of Iraq on oil prices. The article argues that the invasion has further ensconced the dictators in the region (punching another hole in Bush's theory that the Iraq war would spread democracy in the Middle East, in fact, it's done the opposite, as the article argues.). Money derived from higher oil prices, through direct and indirect ways, will funnel down to the terrorists. I wonder if neocons like Wellesley can get Bush as excited for promoting hybrid cars as they got him for invading Iraq. Maybe we'll see Bush driving a Toyota Prius up to his next campaign event, arguing it's one more front on the war on terror.



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