Wednesday, November 10, 2004


It's one thing to have a party in power that really doesn't give a crap about environmental protection - that would represent the feelings of most Americans- but it's another thing to have a party in power that is openly hostile to these issues. ANOTHER study came out predicting calamitous things for the Arctic circle if we don't do something about global warming. And what was the response from the government? Not encouraging. Check out these beauties from a couple of the guys most responsible for protecting the environment.

"Kyoto was a bad treaty for the United States," said Mike Leavitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Leavitt added in an interview Friday that climate change is not an issue the administration dismisses. "I know that it is of importance to the president that we continue to make progress," he said.
And here's another good one:
"President Bush strongly opposes any treaty or policy that would cause the loss of a single American job, let alone the nearly 5 million jobs Kyoto would have cost," said James Connaughton, chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.
This is the most interesting quote. So this guy is saying that Bush opposes any policy that might lead to the elimination of ANY job? I wonder if this job protection standard also applies to trade deals too. Or is job protection only relevant to these guys when it might actually protect the environment? Asses.



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