Sunday, November 07, 2004

We're back

Hi readers, we're back. It's been a shocking couple of weeks. We were on pins and needles, just like the rest of the world, awaiting the outcome of the Presidential race. Our last blog was our endorsement of John Kerry for President, which we thought Kerry would ride all the way to the White House. The fact that we endorsed Kerry and he did NOT win leads us to one conclusion: electoral fraud.

We know that Bush has, and will continue to have, tremendous support, no matter what asinine thing he does, and the volume of morons in the States is enormous, but based on our endorsement, we thought this would overcome this ignorance. And it should have, that's why we think this election was stolen. That said, we will accept the outcome of this stolen election, although there will be some major changes at Liberal Thunderdome. First, we'll be moving to Barbados, or maybe Tahiti, someplace warm, and far from the US. Second, we're planning to sell our US passports on Ebay, so start looking for those if you're interested. Finally, we're starting our own business, selling mail-away fall out shelters.

But don't worry, loyal readers, MasterBlaster and Lord Humungus will be here on Liberal Thunderdome, to lay waste to those who wander to far into the wasteland...



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